The price is based on these factors

Academic level Number of pages Urgency Type of paper needed
Deadline Academic level
High School Undergrad. (yrs 1-2) Undergrad. (yrs 3-4) Master's Doctoral
1 month * n/a n/a $14 $20 $25
14 days 10$ 13$ 16$ 22$ 27$
7 days 12$ 14$ 17$ 24$ 29$
5 days 15$ 17$ 19$ 26$ 33$
3 days 16$ 18$ 21$ 30$ 35$
2 days 19$ 22$ 25$ 32$ 42$
1 days 22$ 25$ 28$ 37$ 48$
8 hours 25$ 28$ 30$ 45$ n/a


All prices shown are given in US Dollar currency and are for 1 page. 1 Page represents 275 Words. 

The stated prices do not include Value Added Tax. When completing payment using Paypal, there might be some minor service charges as stated by Paypal. Feel free to ask us for any help whenever you need assistance making payments.

About the pricing policy

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Each clients’ requirements often differ so are the number of pages, urgency of the projects to the kind and level of writer needed. These are the parameters which also influence our total order quotes as the calculations are based on them.

In cases of dissertations and some research projects where primary data is to be collected, our research services’ charges do not include them. Our prices do not include conducting primary research. However, this can be negotiated directly with us by sending us an Email or through the Live Chat.

We are here for you. Kindly let us know what you want and we will ensure that you get the perfect assignment solution that you need. feel free to Contact us via Live chat or Email.


How can I apply for a discount?

At, we value all our customers. We would like to help you throughout your education and ensure that you complete all your academic goals. This implies that we are always happy whenever you return to use our services again. 

We would love to help you will all your present and future assignments.

For every customer who returns to use our services again, we offer several discounts. The discounts offered to our returned customers are based on their past activities at EssayLux.

The following criteria qualifies a person for a lifetime discount:

  • A returned customer, has used our services multiple times;
  • You have referred a friend to us and the referred friend has placed a first order;
  • You want to place an order which is more than 10 pages long.

Additionally, we offer discounts based on the value of the orders we have completed for you in the past. If the total amount of your past orders equals or exceeds $500, we offer the following discounts:

  • 6% discount for total amounts exceeding $500;
  • 12% discount for total amounts exceeding  $1000;
  • 16%discount for total amounts exceeding  $2000.

In case you need more information concerning our discounts and your qualifications for the various discounts, kindly contact us directly via Email of Chat.